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For assistance, contact the Vermont Department of Liquor and Lottery at (802) 828-2339 or email Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM.

  • HAVING DIFFICULTY LOGGING INTO AN EXISTING ACCOUNT?  Access the Password Reset option by clicking the Forgot Password link on the Login screen. Be sure to check your Junk Mail if it’s not in your inbox! If you do not receive a Password Reset message from the State of Vermont within 10 minutes, contact us and we can assist you.  Password resets must be used by midnight that day, or they expire.

  • DO NOT USE AN EMAIL ASSOCIATED WITH ANOTHER PERSON: This will result in account confusion and certificates printing with the wrong name. We also discourage the use of generic emails such as . If you do not have a unique email account, you can set one up easily through a web-based email provider such as GMAIL.

  • TO UPDATE YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION: You cannot update your name or email address from the Education Storefront.  To do that, go to , choose the Account option and update your information there.  Then log back into the Education Storefront to push your changes through.

  • TO PURCHASE A COURSE FOR SOMEONE ELSE: Log into your account, choose the course you need to purchase for the other person and click Add To Cart and then View Cart.  Click the Add/Edit People button and enter the First Name, Last Name, and a unique Email Address for the person you wish to purchase the course for.  Click the Add/Update People button when completed. Click the Proceed to Checkout button and proceed through the remainder of the checkout process. The individual will receive an email with a link to create their account (if a new user) or to login (if an existing user.) Once they have logged in to their own account, they can click My Stuffand then My Programs to access their course. The user must log in to their own account to access their course!

  • WARNING WHEN USING THE SAME COMPUTER AS OTHERS: If after launching your course, you see course information for a different person, click the “gear” icon in the lower left of the screen and then click Sign Out. Close the browser tab and then relaunch the course.  We recommend using Incognito or private windows to avoid cache issues with multiple use computers.

  • TO ACCESS A PURCHASED COURSE: Click the My Stuff link at the top of this page and then click the My Programs button. Click the Launch button beside the desired program to start/resume your course. Note that if you see an Update Account button, click that button to update your account. Once you have saved your changes, you will see the Launch button which you can click to launch your course.

  • TO ACCESS A TRAINING COMPLETION CERTIFICATE:  Click the My Stuff link at the top of this page.  Click the My Programs button.  Click the Launch button beside the completed program. You will be brought to the Bridge My Learning page.  Locate the completed program in the list and click the View Certificate link beneath the program name. If you do not see a View Certificate link, click on the name of the program, and then look for the View Certificate link below the last program component displayed.

  • TO PURCHASE A COURSE USING A COUPON CODE:  Choose the course you need to purchase, click Add to Cart and then View Cart. Click the Apply Coupon button. Enter in the coupon code provided to you and then click the Apply Coupon button. Click the Proceed to Checkout button. The program will appear with a Launchbutton beside it. If you see an Update Account button instead, click that button to update your account. Once you have saved your changes, you will see the Launch button which you can click to launch your course.

  • The DLL Education Storefront is compatible with most devices.  It does not, however seem to be compatible with most Chromebooks. We recommend not attempting to use a Chromebook for the Education Storefront.